Business Overview

With determination to encourage safety in workplace and personal activities, Proventure will be the first who supply and seek to offer the stylish safety equipment along with innovation as well as up-to-the-minute safety technology to ensure safeguard for our customers, both at work and everyday ventures.

Brand Mission

Driven by the vision to elevate safety and well-being of our society, we are eager to be part of the maneuver to raise awareness on safety and protection in everyday activities. Our primary obligation is to offer

Well-designed qualified products for daily activities

Tools and equipment to facilitate your work efficiently and professionally

Variety of options of cutting-edge design and coloration allowing one to create and express one’s identity and to make clothing an enjoyable and diverting experience.

Products with highly advanced and innovative safety technology






To safeguard you in every activity

Stylish with a modern touch, we offer diverse options of products as a way to express distinct identity and appearance.

To effectively and successfully support your daily performance.

Achieving your goal by carrying on your activities with our products.

From preparation to operation, our tools and equipment would be your trustworthy assistant, a resourceful instrument to countermeasure possible issues.

“Venture” refers to adventure and excitement including daily missions which might as well spark an unexpected harmful incident.
Once combined with our brand mission, Proventure pinpoints that

“We are the supplier of stylish personal protection equipment and
up-to-the-minute safety technology”

Why Choose Us

“We are not safety shoes”

“We are not safety shoes” but lightweight protective sneakers which
offer comfortable experience to its wearer. Pain-free with cutting-edge design and coloration, our products can easily replace general sneakers to suit your lifestyle. Our toe caps and soles achieved certificate by JSAA (Japan Safety Application Association) under JIS’s (Japanese Industrial Standard) act. Thus, our products will undoubtedly protect you in any activity and workplace.