1. What is Hydrolysis?

Hydrolysis is a chemical reaction where chemical bonds of water molecules in the air cause the separation of the outer surface of Polyurethane insoles or making the Polyurethane more gluey. Some shoes with Polyurethane insoles experience this issue as well.

3. When should a new pair of shoes be required?

It is best to priorities your safety once wearing shoes as incidents such as high impact or intense pressure could occur unexpectedly. Had such an incident occur, we suggest you purchase a new pair of shoes immediately. Moreover, in case of worn outsole and incidents such as trip or fall occur, a new pair of shoes is highly suggested.

2. What does it mean to change the insole?

Insoles are inner cushion of shoes which maintain the quality of toe caps and are available to purchase from manufacturer e.g., shoes with anti-static efficiency require electric discharge flow between midsoles and insoles. It is highly suggested to purchase the insole replacement from the manufacturer of the shoes.

4. What is a product certification mark?

Product certification mark serves as label to ensure that our products achieved quality certificate from JSAA (Japan Safety Appliance Association). Due to the wide variety of underqualified safety shoes in the market, the association had collected and analyzed the differences which set those shoes apart in order to develop and produce decent protective shoes. According to this, shoes that passed the quality test from JSAA are labeled with product certification mark.